Ophthalmologic clinic

Ophthalmologic clinic

Ophthalmologic clinic

Opening of a new eye clinic in Kyiv. The main feature of the clinic is that it uses the latest technologies for eyesight healing. At the same time, there is significant rivalry in the market from traditional players (public clinics), which have a high level of brand awareness among the target audience and a long history. On the other hand, there are also many modern innovative clinics with a high level of service and professionalism of doctors.

Ophthalmologic clinic Ophthalmologic clinic Ophthalmologic clinic Ophthalmologic clinic Ophthalmologic clinic Ophthalmologic clinic Ophthalmologic clinic Ophthalmologic clinic Ophthalmologic clinic
Ophthalmologic clinic

Tasks for inseed.agency


Media campaign to build awareness of the clinic and to generate leads.




We developed a media strategy, which consisted of two parts to carry out the tasks of the campaign:


•  Image campaign: build knowledge about the clinic and its benefits through building a broad reach. We used Google Ads tools – a video campaign using the Youtube tool TrueView In-stream with the ability to skip ads to reach the goal. Additionally, we used banner advertising on the Google Display Network to increase the frequency of audience contact.


The special feature of medical advertising is that advertising systems do not allow behavioral targeting for diseases. Therefore, we used resource targeting that our target audience visited. This made it possible, on the one hand, to obtain the widest possible target coverage, and on the other hand, to show advertising only to people who could potentially be interested in the clinic’s services.


•  Performance campaign: the goal was to find potential clients with a pronounced need who are already actively looking for solutions and offer them the clinic’s services at the time of decision-making. Google Search Ads works best for it, allowing you to show your ads to customers who are already looking for the services we provide. We hypothesized that clients could seek healing to the diagnoses and illnesses they had. Therefore, we have built the structure of the advertising account to separate categorical and brand requests as well as to allocate separate ad groups for each disease that is treated in the clinic.


We used Google Universal Analytics, installed without the participation of developers through Google Tag Manager, to collect data on user interaction with the site. Additionally, the Google Search Console was connected for analyzing the search traffic. According to our forecast, the conversion from site visits to leads should be about 2%, and CPL (the cost of attracting an interested client) – 750 UAH.




According to the digital image campaign results, we reached almost 532 thousand people, which is about 60% of the total Kyiv population with eye problems.


However, the first results of the performance campaign were disappointing: the conversion was only 0.5%, and the CPL reached as much as UAH 1,619, which did not correspond to the business model. The main hypothesis as to why the efficiency was so low was the problem of the client’s UX site. Therefore, we decided to update the landing page design to increase conversions. At the same time, we analyzed the services that were advertised, focusing on those that gave the most conversions. Disease-related ad groups were found to be the least effective. Instead, categorical keywords worked best. In addition, we’ve reviewed our approach to geo-targeting by narrowing down the campaign’s geo-tuning and eliminating queries through the negative keyword list that indicate specific areas of the city that didn’t suit us.


As a result, we managed to raise the conversion to 2.14%, reduce the cost of request (CPL) more than 4 times to 352 UAH and generate at least 336,000 UAH requests per month.


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