• Business model
    To stay competitive by launching a product, you need a holistic action plan that will help you reach your target customers, generate sales, and get a positive balance of costs and profits.
  • Value Proposition
    A value proposition is a basis for brand positioning. A strong value proposition that meets the needs of a large group of consumers is a prerequisite for long-term brand dominance in the market.
  • Brand strategy and positioning
    Brand strategy and positioning make it possible to create the most attractive brand or product image for your audience. By analyzing your category, consumers, and their needs, we will embody your values, competitive advantages, and strengths in the holistic perception of the brand in the market.
  • Communication strategy
    The voice of your business should be clear and recognizable, and your message - understandable. To make your communication resonate with the audience and be listened to, we develop and implement effective communication strategies that include messages and specific points of contact to help you achieve your business goals.
  • Digital strategy
    The presence of the brand in the info field of the target audience is a must for business development. We will analyze your digital presence and competitive environment to identify growth points and form a work plan for brand communication on the Internet.
  • Strategic sessions
    A strategic session gives you the opportunity to look at your business from a new angle, answer thorny questions and embark on a path of development. We conduct the following sessions in the format of a workshop, where we work together with your working group: we generate hypotheses, analyze research results and develop a value proposition for your brand or product.